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Camden Zenz

I have strived to be professional in all aspects of my life and I bring that forward into the business sector. Throughout the past decade of my life I have encountered many hardships that have driven me to be the person I am today. At the age of 18 I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. as an MV-22 Tiltrotor Aircrewman and Mechanic. From the beginning I knew that I wanted to be the best in the business, starting with basic mechanical qualifications I began to far surpass my peers. I became a Quality Assurance Representative as a young Marine and that triggered my passion of bringing the most quality maintenance and products I could to the U.S. Government. As an Aircrewman I flew two thousand hours which solidified my want to bring better products to those who serve. Through multiple deployments I realized the need for better equipment, weapons, ammunition, etc. that we needed. With this business I plan to do everything I can to bring those products into light and at a price that the government and other businesses cannot pass up. As my time in the Marines comes to a close a spark has been ignited within me to start this business with my brother Corbin and help the very men and women we served with. 

Corbin Zenz

My journey started after High School when I joined the Army National Guard. After working various jobs like private security and other adventures I reached the ripe old age of twenty-one and made the decision to get into Law Enforcement. I began my Law Enforcement career working inside a county jail. After about two years of working inside the jail, I progressed in my career and began working in the patrol division. Since starting in the patrol division, I developed an interest in firearms and became a firearm instructor for my department. Having a career in Law Enforcement has shown me the importance of quality firearms and ammunition. CamCor Defense can and will provide the service and the quality necessary for anything our clients may need.

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