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GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS: Shipping will be decided upon being awarded a contract. All products will arrive by the agreed upon date requested.​

CIVILIAN SALES: Shipping locally will be same day delivery by either myself or a specialized delivery company. 

non-local deliveries will completed within 3 business days to 6 business days depending on location.


AMMUNITION: As of right now I will be refunding any ammunition purchase for clients that are not completely satisfied with the product, however in the future I will be changing this policy to no refunds on ammunition. The date for this change is to be determined.

FIREARMS: All firearm sales are final, however if you are not completely satisfied with our product I will personally make an offer to buy the product back from the client depending on the wear and tear of the product.

CLOTHING: I currently accept full refunds for clothing as long as the clothing is returned to myself in the same condition as new that it is sold in.

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